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don't i just love zach...

hum...i seem to be the only male zach fangirl...

i'm not sure what i meant by that
("i'm not sure what you meant by that either")

but it says in the subject line, i just don't love zach...

is there something wrong with me too?

oh well...i'm joining this nonetheless...

*hopes to sober up typing hasn't been bad for slightly drunk...*
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Of course not. You likelove him.

We should make you a button. "First Male Zach Fangirl".

I like it.



February 23 2004, 07:15:47 UTC 13 years ago

So can you only join if you like or likelove Klaus? Because he isn't one of my favorites and I'm not much of a joiner (or at least I pretend not to be just so I can keep my status as a "loner").

I'll join a Mamba Marie DuMal fanclub though.

:D I am flattered. And I would be honored to have you in my fanclub (if there EVER is one... :P)

Hehe, you don't have to love or likelove Zach to join... just join anyhow... lots of interesting stuff happens here. Kate and I had a "fight" commenting on one of the posts...
Is 'cracker' really a music?

They're a band.

A good band, mind you.