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I linger here...your ring upon my finger, dear...

Dear Zach,

I was reading about Oklahoma last night and realized there are 3 million people in Oklahoma. None of them is me, and only one of them is you. 1.5 million of them are tarty women, waiting for their chance to steal you away from me and 1.5 million of them are men, which didn't worry me much at first because I doubted more than .5 million of them could be gay, but then I realized that no one, male or female can resist the total sexiness that is Zach and I cried.
When are you going to rescue me, Zach? You said--You promised, you promised--that we'd run off to Canada together and become lumberjacks. We'd never feel bad anymore. But everyday, as I wait for you to end up on my doorstep with a hopeful heart and a backseat full of bibles, I wonder if you've forgotten me already. Was I just another girl to you, Zach? Another girl of many? What did you think I was to you? Your mother? Your father? Sister, mistress? Maybe I was your whore.

How can you do this to me?
I even wrote you a poem.

My heart was of sand
Small, fluttering
Full of rock and debris

Then you came,
Heated it up
Blew it into glass.

And all glasses break,
Tumbling off shelves
Falling from children's hands

Until they are shards on the floor
For others to step in

Zach, you left lice in my heart, my hairy, hairy heart full of love-hairs. I will not rest until your hairy, hairy heart is infested as well.

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